Making team with our clients to contribute in getting them to their next development and growth level as GLOBALLY COMPETENT COMPANY


Helping in making the company focus in its CORE BUSINESS, knowing that their people support the same objective.


Making your people do different things to obtain different results.




Provide structure, order, and control in the personnel administration service.


Be the firm with the most formality, structure, customer service focus, and quality service guarantee in Mexico, and having presence in its principal cities, with the incorporation of integrated services in the HR Management and Control. Supporting our development and growth with the best and newest technology in communication and systems for our business, and depending on a professional, responsible, committed and first world thinking and acting Human Group.


  • Have the most competent service cost
  • A service provided with the best practices and with customer service focus
  • Absolute fulfillment of the requeriments to operate as an outsourcing (personnel administration) firm in Mexico
  • Complete experience and knowledge on behalf of the directive staff of the firm to provide a high quality service
  • Continuous improvement in processes and systems to assure structure, order, and control

¿What is the difference between a subcontract and an OUTSOURCING (personnel administration) service?

Currently in Mexico, there is a big uncertainty in this subject. I’m aware that normally this shouldn’t be a confusion, but given the way it has been handled in Mexico in the past years, well… it is. Even the Mexican Labor Law itself is not really clear on this; but I’ll try to explain the topic in this article.

¿What are the minimum specs that the OUTSOURCING (personnel administration) firm that provides me the service must have?

Payroll and personnel administration in companies, specifically regarding technical aspects, taxing, social security, and payroll, is getting more complicated, more likely to have mistaken, and very time consuming for key people; this is why an OUSTOURCING firm is getting to be very convenient to work with.

However, what are the minimum specs that as an owner, director, consultant or responsible, I should make sure in order to have the security of knowing that I’m working with a serious firm?

Why an HR administration firm (OUTSOURCING) empowers your company to its next development and growth level as a GLOBALLY competent company?

Late July 2018, Torreon’s newspaper “EL SIGLO DE TORREÓN”, had a conversation with ZESATI’s CEO, to talk about an opinion related to the challenges and viabilities that the payroll and HR administration business have these days.

On July 26, 2018 at the Mexican CPA’s Institute of Torreon (INSTITUTO MEXICANO DE CONTADORES PÚBLICOS DE LA LAGUNA), with the support of its President CPC Carlos Benoni Téllez, we held the Event “Main Tendencies in the HR Administration and Development, towards the next level of Competency in Mexico”, in which we gave 2 great conferences, and wrap up with Zesati’s Corporate Video, ending up with a nice cocktail party for our guests.

We deeply thank our guests that, with their presence, made the event a complete success.

Please find in this section the 2 presentations of the conference ready to download. Also you can find the complete event video recording.

If you would like to watch our Corporate Video, you can find it above in this website.